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What If . . . ?

1931: On the afternoon of 22 August, a young British aristocrat named John Scott-Ellis was making his way along Brienner Strasse, in Munich, in a little red Fiat. “Although I was going very slowly, a man walked off the pavement, more or less straight into my car.” The 42-year-old pedestrian was bowled over, but quickly picked himself up, politely shook hands with the driver, and went on his way.

On the evening of 13 December, an unemployed mechanic and truck driver, Mario Contasino, driving along Fifth Avenue, in New York, collided with a British visitor to the city looking in the wrong direction as he crossed the street. The 57-year-old Briton was badly knocked about. His injuries were serious enough to put him in hospital, but within a few weeks he made a full recovery.

The two accident victims were Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill.

Sources: Lord Howard de Walden, Earls Have Peacocks (1992), pp. 14–15; Martin Gilbert, Churchill and America (2005), pp. 131–3

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