When Grandpa Was A Boy, Were There Any Dinosaurs?

Monkey Business

1906: On the afternoon of 16 November, Enrico Caruso was arrested in New York’s Central Park for “annoying” a female visitor to the monkey house.

Monkey business in the monkey house? Clearly, proclaimed the arresting officer. Certainly not, protested Caruso. Did the Italian opera star foist himself on the young lady? Was she the innocent victim of Caruso’s unwanted attentions? Unfortunate woman.

What became of her? She identified herself as Hannah Graham, supplied a false address, and then disappeared. That poses more questions. Was she an “innocent victim”? Was this a crude attempt by the police to extort money from a smartly dressed gent? Was the whole incident a put-up job by a hostile impresario? Knocko must have been puzzled by the antics outside his cage.

Source: https://believermag.com/welcome-to-the-monkey-house/

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